Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Following like a sheep and joining the blog craze...baaahhh

Since I am home sick from my clinicals, I figured why not join the blog craze. Everyone seems to have one these days. It probably won't post on it too much, but I figure I should at least post every now and then since everyone is complaining that I am too busy to talk to them. Since I am so busy with graduate school, this is probably the best way to let everyone know what is the latest with Erik and I. I promise you will all hear from me again in person, when I officially graduate in August.

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Patrick said...

Hi Kristen and Erik,

Thanks to show us your wedding pictures on your website. You two look so lovely to be together. Enjoy each other to the fullness. Stay focus in your job and school and keep up the good works. Looking forward to see you guys in August.
And you know what? The football season will begin in a month after.

Go Utes!!!

Pat and Alice