Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Accidentally Graduated

So the most interesting thing happened. The school accidentally graduated me. I went to register for my last internship and was unable to. When I called the school to try and figure out what had happened, they said that they had me listed as having completed my degree. My degree arrived the next day in the mail. So it has been a long three weeks trying to get "ungraduated," so I could register for my last internship. I had to go to the school and give back my diploma today, and I must say parting is such sweet sorrow. I didn't want to give it back since I am a month away from having it anyway. It has been such a pain getting "ungraduated." I am pretty sure what had happened was I was originally supposed to graduate in the spring, but last summer I herniated a disk in my back during my internship and had to get a medical withdrawal. My graduation date was moved up to summer, since I needed to re-do the internship and wouldn't be finished with it till the end of June. I checked with the school in March and they said my graduation date was changed to August. I guess someone didn't get the memo, since my diploma came in the mail last week. This has been an interesting experience for me, and for the school, since apparently this is the first time that has happened. They had no clue what to do about it. Haha the follies of life. Well, in another month I will get to hold that piece of paper in my hand for good. I look forward to that day!