Friday, July 25, 2008

Graduated For Real!

Ok so I am finally graduated for real. I finished my clinicals the last week of June, and am all done. I turned in all my paper work and my grade has been posted. All I have to do is now wait for my diploma in the mail. The only hurdle I have left, until I become a therapist anyway, is passing my boards. So study, study, study. That is how I will be spending all my free time till August 11th, when I am scheduled to take them.

After all the job offers, I have finally decided on a job. I accepted a position with People first Rehab, at Wasatch Valley Rehabilitation in Holladay. My new employer called me today to get everything rolling. I am very excited about working for this company. I think I will really enjoy the rehab team, and the facility. It seems to be the best fit of all the places that I have interviewed. I really like the aspect of continuing education, and that they provide so much of it for free. What sold me on this job was attending a lymphodema course put on by two of their therapists. They were amazing and new so much. I really learned a lot. They provide a lot of those it seems. Another thing I like about this place, is that Kirk the rehab manager is an excellent therapist, and will be a good mentor for me. He really knows what he is doing and he is also really nice. He also promised that my caseload would never be more than 7 patients, so I would have time to do evals and chart. That is really nice, since everywhere else I interviewed wanted to give me a high caseload. They also have a student loan repayment plan. They pay $400 a month towards my student loans for the next 3 years. It is pretty sweet. Plus the salary they offered was really good. Overall I think that I will be very happy here. I think that this is the best place to start my career. It is so nice to be done with school and know what the future holds. Deciding which job to take was the most stressful decision. It is nice to have it made:) Well yeah! I'm done!