Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Squeaky Wheel Gets Greased!

So apparently I whined enough to all the different departments about how upset I was they forgot to clear me for graduation, because my degree came in the mail 3 days later. It wasn't even supposed to post for 3-5 weeks according to what they told me. So yeah, I have a degree now, officially!

The school also rushed the form to take my boards to the NBCOT because I was able to register 3 days after my degree came. Unfortunately the first day available to take the test was Monday the 25th of August. So I won't be taking it till Monday. I am not to worried about it though. I have studied ALOT with the delay in being able to take the test! My employer said they would rush the process to get my license once I passed the test, so I would still be licensed by the 2-3rd week in September. So everything is working out ok now. It pays to be a whiner because, the squeaky wheel does get greased.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stupid University Bureaucracy

Ok so if the graduation department hadn't messed things up enough before when the accidentally graduated me, they managed to make an even bigger mess of things. Now I can't seem to get graduated now that I have officially finished all of my requirements. I also can't seem to get cleared to take my boards. Aaaghhhhhhhh (If you couldn't tell, I am really frustrated).

Here is how it all unravels. After I finished my last clinical, my department submitted my paperwork for graduation to the graduation office, along with my academic verification form (ACVF) to be sent to NBCOT, so I could take my boards. The ACVF says I am cleared for graduation even though my degree hasn't posted, and that I am allowed to take my test. So this form is very important.

Well I have been checking with NBCOT, and they still haven't received my ACVF. What this means is that I can't register to take my test. Which is a problem since I am supposed to start my new job in 2 weeks. So I called registration, and they sent me to the records and verifications dept. The girl at the records and verifications dept. said that she hadn't seen my ACVF form, and never received it. She said that if she had received it, she wouldn't send it until my degree posts anyways, Which isn't for 3-5 weeks after graduation. I told her that defeats the whole point of the form which is to allow me to take the test before my degree posts. She wouldn't budge. I went to the graduation dept. to find out the status of my degree. They said that it hadn't posted yet, and that they hadn't received the necessary paperwork from my dept. to post my degree yet. I called my dept. but the person who handles this stuff left early for the day.

So I went back the next day with another filled out ACVF and turned it in. The guy told me he couldn't send it in yet, with the same argument as the girl the day before. I showed him on the form where it said that I only needed to be cleared for graduation, not have my degree posted. He then told me whoops, this form is actually supposed to go the graduation dept. and that registration had sent me to the wrong dept. He was nice enough to talk to graduation and find out what was holding up my degree. It turns out the person at the graduate graduation dept. had forgot to turn in the paperwork to clear me for graduation. So I wasn't even cleared for graduation. Aaaggghhhh. It turns out they had my ACVF but didn't send it because I wasn't cleared for graduation. So the graduate graduation dept. said that they would send all the paperwork in the morning to the graduation dept. and clear me for graduation. They also said they would mail my form. Let's see if that actually happens.

So what this all means, once the school sends in my ACVF to NBCOT, it will take another two weeks to get my letter from NBCOT which will allow me to register and take my test. Which means that my test won't be graded until the beginning of sept. Once my test is graded, it will take a week to get my test results back, then it will take another 2-3 weeks to get licensed. So I won't realistically be licensed till October 1st now. So much for starting my new job in two weeks. I hate the stupid bureaucracy! I am glad I am graduating and won't have to deal with it anymore.