Monday, September 1, 2008

Kristen Cambridge OTR/L

So I found out I passed my boards on Friday! Things are moving along a lot quicker than I thought It would. It turns out I will get my license tomorrow, and then I will be Kristen Cambridge OTR/L. Neat! I have letters next to my name.

I started my new job last week, and tomorrow, I will no longer be working as a "highly paid aide." I will now be an official therapist. My boss has been introducing me to everyone as the new occupational therapist anyway. It is weird not to be introduced as a student anymore. I am for real now. It is hard to believe. Kinda scary. I have my own caseload of assigned patients and get to start implementing treatment plans with them, and charting their progress . I also get to decide when patients need to be D/C'd, and supervise the COTA's and therapy aides. It is kinda crazy to have so much responsibility now. I am excited for the challenge though. It is nice to finally be done with school and working in the real world, doing what I love most, helping people!

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Tammy said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of what you have done! :)