Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shark Attack...

I have recently become a member of the Desert Sharks Triathlon club. Why in the world would I do that you might ask? I decided about a month and a half ago, that I was going to start training for a triathlon. Since I don't like to do anything halfway, I thought I would start training with people that know what they are doing. So I joined the Desert Sharks. They train every Tuesday and Thursday, and there are other optional workouts throughout the week that people will post. The workouts are very intense, and will definitely increase performance levels. I am usually sore for two days after.

The sharks have been so welcoming, and I have really enjoyed training with them. Even if I am the slowest shark. Most of the people in my group have been doing triathlons between 8-30 years, so I am definitely the newbie of the group. So I don't feel bad being the slowest one, since most of them have done several Iron mans. There is one guy in the group named Ron who has taken me under his wing. He is the organizer for the Battle at Midway Triathlon, and has a lot of knowledge. He has been teaching me how to keep my rpm's constant, how to get the best leverage when peddling, how to pass people on the hills, how to use my energy the most efficiently, how to have quick transitions between events, how to pick out a good road bike, what to do to increase my speed in the pool, the best running workouts, and many other things. He really is an excellent resource, since he has helped several people train. I hit the triathlon jackpot when I ran into him. After being around all these die hard triathletes, I have decided that I would like to make this more of a lifestyle, rather than a one time thing.

I have a goal to do at least two-three triathlons next year. I had planned on doing the Lake Powell Triathlon in October, but since it took me a lot longer than I planned to get licensed as an OT and get paid at my promised salary, I don't think I will be able to afford it anymore. So am now planning on the Battle at Midway Triathlon, and the Spudman, up in Burley Idaho next year. I would also like to do the Desert Shark's sponsored Triathlon up at Crystal Hot Springs if they decide to do it again. I am going to be doing the sprint level distance, since I have never done a triathlon before. This entails a half mile swim, 13 mile bike ride, and a 5k run, so it shouldn't be too bad. Maybe after another year of training with the sharks, I will be ready for the olympic level distance. Who knows!

Erik thinks I am crazy for doing this, but has been very supportive. Maybe over time, I will convert him to my evil triathlete ways. I have already convinced him to come to a sharks workout with me. It is just a matter of time Muahhhaaaaahhh. He can't hold out forever.

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Tammy said...

I think it's awesome that you're doing a tri!!! Go for it!

I'd love to do one someday. Maybe you can share your secrets with me when you've done one :).