Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally a diagnosis

So I went to the GI specialist and found out the results of my procedures. It turns out that I have major acid reflux. I started coughing up blood last week, and then all my food started to come back up after I ate, so that pretty much confirmed it. As far as the pain in my side when I eat, they said I have irritable bowl syndrome. This is the cop-out diagnosis that doctors give you when they don't know what is wrong. I am not sure I buy it, since I neither have had diarrhea or been constipated. Just pain around my descending colon sometimes when I eat. He said that that certain foods will cause my colon to spasm. The trigger foods that cause the pain seem to fit with those of acid reflux and irritable bowl. So who knows. I may have IBS, or maybe I don't. All I know is that I still get pain in my side sometimes when I eat, but it is getting better. I am able to eat a lot more now these days, and can now sustain enough calories to start working out again and train for my triathlon. So hopefully the acid reflux medication will help, and I will continue to get better. Well that is the latest update!

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Marisa said...

I totally feel for you! Jon has both of those going on, and has for years. It's tough! I have to plan our menus so that we don't have too much of the stuff he can't have too often. Plus, I always have reflux when I'm pregnant ... I don't know how you and Jon can deal with it for so long not knowing that it will end. (That's one of my favorite parts after I have a baby, not having reflux anymore.) I'm sorry you have to deal with this junk! Hopefully the medicine will continue to help.