Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Affair

Saturday night Erik and I went over to our friends Sadie and Corey's, for some pumpkin carving fun. We carved pumpkins, made pumpkin cookies, baked pumpkin seeds, and watched Monster House. It was very fun!

I was the slowest one when it came to the carving. I was too busy running my mouth. Sadie and Corey had carved all three of their pumpkins before I was even finished with mine. Sadie even made pumpkin cookies and cooked pumpkin seeds in between. So yeah, I am slow. It was sure fun though. I made a pac man pumpkin while everyone else made scary faces. We spent lots of time trying to perfectly place our pumpkins for the optimal photo. Erik spent a lot of time bossing Corey around, and I had to remind him to play well with others. LOL As far as the treats go, the pumpkin cookies turned out rather tasty, and so did the pumpkin seeds. Kudo's to Sadie!

Here are the photo's from our pumpkerific evening!

Erik going to town with his pumpkin

Sadie looking a little too happy with that knife!

Corey is the happiest pumpkin carver I have ever seen.

Starting surgery on my pumpkin

Erik giving his pumpkin a facial with windex. He likes his stuff to look pretty, and didn't want any marker showing.

Our pumpkins in all of their glory!

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