Friday, October 31, 2008

Tag: My 8's

So I was tagged by Marissa about 2 weeks ago, and I finally got around to doing this. Here are some of my 8's.

Eight TV shows I like to watch:

  1. Heroes
  2. Lost
  3. The Office
  4. Scrubs
  5. Dancing with the Stars
  6. Smallville
  7. Friends
  8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Eight restaurants I like to eat at:

  1. The Cheesecake factory
  2. P.F. Chang's
  3. Olive Garden
  4. Applebee's
  5. Chili's
  6. California Pizza Kitchen
  7. Noodles and Co
  8. Caputo’s Deli

Eight things that happened today:

  1. Went to work
  2. Got yelled at by honory patients
  3. Treated a few patients that were in a good mood
  4. Ate 3 bites of my lunch and got sick again
  5. Took my medication
  6. Had a good treatment session with my last patient and was able to chart progress.
  7. Bought my husband some personal training sessions
  8. Took a nap since I was up all night regretting lunch yesterday.

Eight things I am looking forward to:

  1. Discharging my honory patient
  2. When eating no longer makes me sick
  3. Going to the Halloween dance at the Skillet.
  4. Being able to train with my triathlon group again
  5. A weekend away from honory patients who yell at anyone who is trying to help them.
  6. Giving my husband a big kiss
  7. The new Harry Potter movie next summer
  8. My trip to SoCal in December

Eight things on my wish list:

  1. A brand new Honda Accord
  2. Cloths, cloths, and more cloths
  3. A roadbike
  4. Matching furniture in the living room
  5. A Computer Charting System at work
  6. A new stomach
  7. Rock climbing gear
  8. To be on a national swing dance team.

Eight People I Tag:

  1. Sadie
  2. Tammy S.
  3. Becka T.
  4. April B.
  5. Tricia S.
  6. Shellese G.
  7. Nicole R.
  8. Wendy J.

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Tammy said...

OK, you got me. I guess I will have to blog on this now :).