Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Halloween this year was spent in a true Kristen and Erik fashion, at a swing dance. The Golden Skillet swing venue was having their annual Halloween dance, complete with costume contest and Jack and Jill lead and follow contest. So we naturally could not miss it. Last year we dressed up as disco people and it was awesome, but this year we had a little more trouble with the costumes. Erik was going to go as Homestar runner, but when he tried to spray paint the white star on the shirt, he had the wrong kind of paint, so it didn't work out. I was going to go as Minnie Mouse, but the zipper broke on my Minnie dress right before the dance. So I couldn't go as Minnie. We were going to try and sew me into the costume but then thought about what would happen if the stitching broke in the middle of dancing. So we vetoed that idea. I decided to use my old stand by cat costume. It is nice to always have one of those. Erik unfortunately didn't have a standby, so he he wore normal cloths and said he was a game developer. We had a great time though and really enjoyed the dance and all the festivities.

Here are the pictures from the nights events.

Erik and I dancing our first dance of the night.

Snuggling up to Erik like a cuddly cat would

Dancing with Wolverine

Doing the Charlston

Still dancing with Wyatt, it was a long song.

Coming out of a cool spin. Our friend Tim went a little crazy with the camera and took a lot of pictures during my dance with Wyatt.

Erik and I dancing again!

Our friends who run the swing venue "thing one" and "thing two" with Michelle. She is the best DJ ever!

Virgil and Emily, our friends who recently got married.

Sarah and I chillin after the Jack and Jill contest.

Tim and Sarah our outdoorsy friends.
We are going to the ski swap with them next Friday
in Park city.

Tim, Whitney, Julie, Thomas, and Erik after the dance.
This picture turned out very well visually.


Tammy said...

had to LOL at the photo of thing 1 & thing 2 --- did you see my blog w/the photo of my kids? If not, go look --- it's the SAME COSTUMES!!! You will love it

Tricia and Nick said...

Fun! I really miss going dancing! Down here in TX, if we want to go dancing we'll have to find a bar! How annoying!