Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our New Living Room

As most of you know, we redid our living room. It all started when Erik brought home a new Cherry Wood credensa to replace our $30 Wal-Mart T.V. stand. I was perfectly happy with our mismatched furniture, until he brought that home. It looked so elegant, and suddenly all of the rest of the furniture looked ghetto next to it. So then we bought a new DVD cabinet to hide our dvd's, and then we bought a rug, and then suddenly we decided we wanted new couches, and then new tables, and it just kept going. We spent our whole tax return on our living room, but it was well worth it. Here are the pictures of the finished product.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Duck, Duck, Oops......

I am blogging this Story for Sadie as she requested. I have a good sense of humor and can laugh at myself, so I will share with you something entertaining that happened on my way home from the gym.

I just finished working out tonight, and got in my car to go home. The gym parking lot was full, so I had to park in front of Fairmont park. I got into my car, and was drinking my protein shake, when I noticed a bunch of ducks on the lawn. I noticed two mallard ducks in particular chasing another female duck. I thought they were trying to beating up the duck, because it was running away, obviously distressed. It looked like they were trying to kill it, and since I have a soft spot for animals, I thought I should intervene. So I darted out of my car, and across the lawn to chase the ducks down. When I approached, they would run away, but they wouldn't stop chasing the female duck. When they caught hold of the duck, more ducks would descend, so I thought they were going to kill it. Well after about two or three times of trying to chase the ducks away from the poor female duck, I started to realize there might be a reason, she wasn't trying as hard as I thought she should to get away. I looked over, and across the park, I noticed another set of Mallard ducks chasing another female duck, and then I put two and two together. I wasn't saving the female duck from death, I had interupted their little orgy. I felt pretty stupid, and I felt even stupider, when I noticed two or three people sitting in their cars, watching me chase around the mating ducks. So I went back to my car, and tried not to make eye contact with the people sitting in the car next to me, and drove home. It is obvious, I used all my ogygen during my workout, and there wasn't enough left for my brain afterwords. It seems so obvious now what was happening. Haha So yeah, that was my blond moment for the day. You may now proceed to laugh. Erik sure did.

Just thought this would complete the visual. Haha