Monday, April 20, 2009

Erik, the most wonderful and patient husband ever.

I just wanted to tell the world how wonderful Erik is. He really takes good care of me and I am lucky to have him. He has had to endure a lot lately, as I have been kind of grumpy about some of the trials life has given me.

The last month has been kind of rough for me. My back started acting up again, and for the first time in like a year I have had trouble sleeping through the night because of the pain. I have been kind of grumpy, since having pain shoot down your leg, and then having your leg go numb isn't the funnest, and kind of hard to ignore. It also made me realize I am going to have to put my triathlon on hold, which is kind of a let down, since I have been training so hard for it. I also got a nasty sinus infection that lasted about a week and a half. Well when that went away, my back pain got worse. Well my back pain finally resolved itself Saturday night, and I woke up sick Sunday morning with a different strain of sinus garbage, I caught from a friend. Well, needless to say, I have been really miffed about being sick again, and having to miss more work. I have felt like the universe just wants to watch me suffer this month.

Erik has been a real sport through all of this. He doesn't complain, he will go out at all hours of the night to get medications for me, he holds me and lets me cry when I am discouraged about my back, and then makes feel better and helps me to look at the positive side of things. He drove all the way down to Provo by himself to get the rubber band ball we accidentally left at his parents house. Why did he do that you may ask, because for some reason it is the perfect density, and only thing that can seem to get my muscles to relax when my disk is bothering me (my foam roller doesn't quite work as well anymore). He has done the majority of the housework, since I haven't felt very well, and hasn't complained about it. He makes me laugh all the time with his funny sense of humor. He has made me dinner a lot lately, scheduled my MRI and gotten off work early to take me. He has been willing to shell out whatever money it takes to get my back better (which has been a lot). He makes me feel loved and appreciated, by all his acts of kindness. Anything I ask him, he will do for me. He is fun to talk to about life, and I can talk to him for hours and often do. He is good at solving problems, and making everything better, no matter who's problems they are. He gives really good advice, and I have learned the value of listening to it, because he always ends up being right. He is a really hard worker and a good provider, protector, husband, and my best friend.He has so many talents, I could go on and on.

I just wanted to let you know Erik, that I love you, and appreciate all you do. It is not hard to know you love me. You show me every minute of every day. Thank you!

Your Wifey

Erik at his favorite place in the whole world, The Wally-Mart


Laura Strate said...

That is so sweet. You got yourself a keeper!

Adele said...

That's so cute. I told Erik this before, but I don't think I've ever told you.... I was so excited when I heard he was marrying you. The two of you are so great together :-)