Sunday, July 19, 2009

The nightmares getting your car totaled and why Geico sucks.

So it has been a really long time since I wrote on the blog. Things have been crazy at work, and I have not really had the energy to blog until now since I have had the caseload of 3 therapists. So here is a recap of the last month.
Erik's car got totaled about a month ago while driving down South Temple. Some guy suddenly turned left into oncoming traffic and Erik had no time to hit the brake, and hit him head on. So Erik's front end was completely smashed up. Part of it went into the cabin on the passengers sided. It was bad! I was so grateful Erik wasn't hurt after I arrived on the scene of the accident and saw his car. Thank you guardian angels!

So this last month we have spent our time battling with the insurance company of the guy who hit us. Don't EVER use Gieco they are horrible. The agent never called Erik back and he had to leave lots of messages. He went on vacation without extending Erik's rental car even though they had not made us an offer yet. We were supposed to be able to keep the rental car till they made an offer. So Erik called his supervisor, and he was also out of town for the weekend at a retreat. The girl talking to Erik said "I'm sorry there is nothing I can do, you are going to have to return the car." Erik was very upset about this and said "This is rediculous. I have to give the car back because your agent forgot to do his job? It was your guy that hit me and now I am out of a car." He argued with the girl long enough till she told him he could just keep the rental car and she would take care of it. When Erik finally did get a hold of the guy, he lied and said he had tried to call Erik and couldn't get a hold of him. The agent said "I left you a message." Erik asked him "What number did you call?" He gave Erik a number that was one diget off. Erik called the number just to see, and the voice mail said "Hi! This is Ashley, leave a message." So obviously the guy was lying. It was also interesting that magically they were able to call me to let me know Erik needed to return the rental car, but couldn't call my number when they "couldn't" get a hold of Erik. So yeah the guy was full of crap.

To make things worse when they finally made us an offer after 3 weeks, They offered us $2700 for his 97 Honda Accord when LOW blue book was $3500. Not to mention Erik and his friend Alex had just installed a new transmission themselves. So we thought their offer was ridiculous and would not accept it. So they came back and offered us $3000. Erik did a bunch of research and sent it to them. They made up some lame reason why that didn't apply to Erik's car and refused to pay us more. We would have continued to battle them, but were tired of all of it and needed the money to get a new car. So we took the offer so we could purchase a specific car we wanted before it was not available anymore. So yeah never go with Gieco. They are horrible. I will post how we bought our new car in the next post.


trentathon said...

Something seriously has to change with insurance companies incentives! If you want to sue Geico, let me know.

Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

Haha Trent. You will be the first person we call.