Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our new car and why D Dalley Mazda sucks.

Erik and I decided we wanted a Mazda 6 after doing a bunch of research, so we went down to D Dalley Mazda in Murray. DON'T EVER GO THERE! They will take you to the cleaners financially, and they are rude! The salesman showed us some cars in our general price range, and we went out and test drove a 2003 Mazda 6. The engine didn't sound super perfect, it had 86,000 miles on it, and I wasn't completely in love with it. We asked him how much the car was and conveniently it happened to be $9800, the same price we told him a private seller we were looking at was selling his Mazda 6 for (even though his was newer and had lower miles). Erik said he didn't care about the sale price, he wanted to know what the total take home price was after taxes and fees. So the sales guy came back with his boss and they told us it was $11600, almost $2000 more than the original price they gave us. We weren't stupid and knew that taxing and licensing only costs $800, so we told them we couldn't do that. They asked us "So what was the most you wanted to spend on a car?" Erik said "Our budget is $10, 000. We won't spend any more than that." So they told us "you are going to have to find another car then." Erik said "That's fine." The manager was taken back and said "you do understand you are going to have to find a different car, if you won't accept this price." Erik said " Yes, that's fine." So the manager and sales guy were really miffed but said they would take us out to look at some other cars. We got out to the lot and the salesman said he had some Hundai Accents we could look at. I told him no Hundai accents because they were Hundai's lowest line and very unreliable (I had done my research). So he got really angry and said he didn't have anything else for us and just walked off and left us standing there. So we thought they were jerks and decided to never buy from them and to look with private sellers instead.

So I called the guy on craigs list with the Mazda 6 I had been looking at online, we went and test drove it, it was perfect. The guy was super anal about his cars, so the leather was in perfect condition, and so was everything else about the car. It ran perfectly and had no problems. It looked a million time better than any of the ones they showed us at the dealership, and he dropped his price to $9200 So we bought it. They were super nice and drove the car down to us, filled it up with a full tank of gas, and told us everything we needed to know about the car. They were fantastic. It was a much better experience.

So here are pictures of the New Mazda 6S we bought from the add off of craigs list. They do not do this car justice, so I will take some better ones soon when I get a chance.

Here it is from the front. It has a moon roof on the top that is hard to see in this picture.

We think it looks really nice with the suspension drop and low profile tires. It also accelerates very fast since it has a V6 engine. It also has duel exhaust which makes the engine really quiet.

As you can see it has black leather interior, it has radio controls on the steering wheel, it has heated seats as well as a 6 disk front load CD changer. My favorite part is that it has BOSE speakers, so the sound is amazing. The car even has tweeters, so the sound is separated very nicely. It also has climate controls with the AC. All you have to do is set the temperature of the cabin and it will keep it there.

So that is our new car. It is perfect! the only thing it didn't have was an Ipod jack, so yesterday we went to have one installed. Apparently Mazda 6's are a pain when it comes to Ipod jacks. We went around to all the audio places and none of them could install one, and said we needed to go the dealership. As much as we didn't want to, we went over to D Dalley Mazda to get it done. When we got out of the car, Erik asked me "Where is the parts and service section?" The same sales guy we delt with before had just walked outside and heard Erik's question. He yelled at us from accross the lot. "Parts and Services are closed. They closed at 3pm. You are out of luck" He had a very rude tone, and made it quite clear he wanted us to leave. He would only shout at us from the door, and wouldn't come over to talk to us. We were very offended and got in our car and left. We think he was bitter because we rolled up in a car that was much nicer than any of the ones he showed us, and because he didn't make a sale with us. Regardless, it was horrible customer service, and we are writting a letter of complaint to the dealership regarding all of our experiences with them. So we went to Best buy and they were able to install something that would work. So now we can listen to our Ipods in our new car:) Yeah! So you can suck it D Dalley Mazda! You will never get a penny of our money ever!


Tammy said...

Awesome new car! Good for you for sticking it to that dealer and getting the car from a private party. I have done that before when the dealers were lame, and never regretted it. Your car is gorgeous. Enjoy!

BTW will be at the track Tuesday 6 am @ East High.

Trish the dish said...

What a snazzy new car! If I were you, I'd also write a review on Google. A lot of people will google "mazda dealerships" and when they read your review will not want to go there! You guys sound super smart about car buying, I'm not sure how smart I was but I still got a good car I think. And they filled up my gas tank twice! And installed a new stereo. So I can't complain much. Hopefully it proves to do well in the long run! (And I hope the same for your car too!)

trentathon said...

Looks great, you'll have to take me for a spin!

Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

It was nice to stick it to them. It was also kinda fun to roll up in the parking lot to get our Ipod Jack in a new Mazda we didn't buy from them. Haha. We had a much better experience with our private seller and are glad we jumped on that. I haven't seen any other fully loaded Mazda 6's for that price anywhere. We were very lucky.

Trent. We will take you for a spin anytime. Just name the night.

Adele said...

Sounds like you've had a rough time of it all round. But it's over! And you have a lovely new car that you can listen to your ipods in... and Erik's not injured. Yeay! Glad you stuck to your price, though. Loads of people don't, which is why dealerships get away with that sort of thing. Way to go!