Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bear Lake Triathlon

So I am a slacker and haven't had time to blog. So much has happened in the last month. I got a new job in Orem, finished my tri, and am now we are moving to Lehi. The Tri went rather well, and I had no injuries. I finished in an hour and 52 minutes and 3 seconds. Erik was there the whole way and was such a great support. Now we are getting ready for the Lake Powell Tri in two weeks. Here are some pics from the Bear Lake triathlon for your enjoyment.


Tammy said...

Great pics from your tri! Hey, are you RUNNING? I thought you were going to RW! I guess your back is OK w/running?

Glad you had fun. It looks like a blast :).

Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

Haha yeah, that is me running. My calves were so tight that, I had to run instead of racewalk to keep them from cramping up. I had overtrained the calves and was lucky to even be able to do the tri. So yeah, I am busted. I was running. Amazingly the back handled it just fine.

The Gentry's said...

Good job on doing not one but two Triathlon's within a few weeks of each other! Sounds like things are going really good for you!