Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years and Dancing!

As many of you know, Erik and I love to dance. This is after all how we met. We haven't been doing much dancing the last year though for some reason. We did what we swore we would never do, become like the other swing dancers who got married, and then disappeared. This New Years Eve we decided we wanted to go dancing again, so we went to the Urban Dance Studios swing dance weekend hosted by our friends. The night included Lindy, West Coast, and blues so it made it more diverse. I was asked to DJ both nights along with some other swing dj's, so I thought why not! I love to dance, and I love to DJ. We had soooooo much fun. All the dancers throughout Utah showed up, so it ended up being quite the party. It renewed our love for dancing, so we are going to be going a lot more now. I have been asked to DJ at the down town stomp next weekend, and will be djing at the MAC in a few weeks. I am also djing tomorrow night at the Westie night in Pleasent Grove. So my career as a swing DJ is really starting to get going also. Erik and I will also be helping run the Downtown Stomp lindy venue with some other dancers. So just like that, we are deeply imersed in the dance scene again! Here is a video and some pictures from the last two nights.

Erik and I doing some West Coast swing

The crowd dancing to my djing

Dancing with Bryson
Erik dancing with Amy
Erik dancing again:)


Marie said...

Looks like you had fun! Just wait until you have kids.
That happened to us to we both used to roller-blade and hike all the time. We definitly don't do it as much as we'd prefer.

Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

Haha...Your right. I know it will totally get worse once we have kids. So we better live it up now:) It was a very fun weekend.