Thursday, February 25, 2010


Happy Birthday Sadie! I would like to take this time to reminisce about our friendship and post a few pictures from our adventures together. It has been about 11 years since we met in our Genealogy class at the SLCC institute. It is hard to believe we have known each other for that long. Since we met, we have been though many adventures together and had lots of fun. We have taken college classes together, roomed together, been on the missionary committee together, gone camping, rock climbing, to soccer games, parties, and many other things. I have enjoyed all our adventures. You have been such a great influence on me, and such a great friend. I really admire everything about you. Since you are turning 31 I though I would make a list of 31 things I like about you(This list is not all inclusive by any means.)

1. You are very Christlike.
2. You are very outgoing and friendly and live life to the fullest.
3. You are a good mother.
4. You changed so many lives when you were the chair of the missionary committee.
5. You are a great cook.
6. You genuinely care about people, and it shows.
7. You have a great sense of style and can look good in anything.
8. You are always looking to learn new skills.
9. You have really good insights about life and a healthy attitude
10.You always do a good job at whatever you do.
11. You are great at living the gospel and making other people want to live it.
12. You are a great digital scrap booker.
13. You are very athletic
14. You are well read.
15. You were always a great student
16. You are great at serving others.
17. You have great ideas for fun activities.
18. You are good at listening to the spirit.
19. You are very health conscious and always eating healthy and exercising.
20. You are always taking the time to learn new skills.
21. You are a great wife to Corey.
22. You were there for me when I went through the Temple and got married.
23. You are always interested in what is going on in other people's lives.
24. You are very concious of the environment and what is healthy
25. You are great with finances and saving.
26. I can always call you whenever I need anything!
27. You are fun to go camping, rock climbing and canoing with.
28. You have awesome wilderness skills (not to downplay your bowstaffing skills).
29. You were a great recreational therapist and put your whole heart into your pt.s
30. You put so much effort into your young women's calling.
31. You are pretty much the prettiest, smartest, bestest friend ever.

Here are some pictures from our adventures.

The day we went rock climbing in draper. I believe this climb was called bloody impact.

Our Great Pumpkin Carving Affair

At my wedding

Sadie and Corey at my wedding Luncheon. I love this picture of them.

Sadie, Corey, and Riley on the beach. Sadie was a few months pregnant with Issac at this point.

Swimming in the Lake when we went canoing.

When we went canoing. It was soo much fun.

Hanging out with you right before Erik and I got married.


Cory&SadieK said...

Kristen!!! YoU are the awesomest!! Thanks so much for that extreme niceness! It makes me want to be a better person. Thanks for being such a great friend for always wanting to chat and for eating mushrooms with me. And sheesh even tofu!! We've had so many fun times-I almost forgot about that canoeing trip. Hilarious. especially all that time swimming in the lake.

DottieLou said...

And she has a totally cool mom.. just kidding ... I took my blog private so get me your e mail address and I will send you an invite...

by the way this was sweet