Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pregnancy and other news

So it has been forever since I have been on here. I was talking to my boss the other day about blogging and the benefits. I was reminded why I started my blog. To capture my memories and thoughts, so I would have a journal of my life up to this point. So I am going to be better about updating it.

Sooo much has happened in the last 6 months. I have completed 5 triathlons this season,was made the head of the OT department at Aspen Ridge, had my first level II student, Erik got a promotion and finished up the Toy Story 3 game, and we found out we are expecting a baby. I will go ahead and give you a few more details.

As you all know, I have made a goal to do six triathlons this year. I have completed 5 so far, and will be doing one more on Nov. 20th. I have completed the Daybreak tri, Scofield Tri, Battle at Midway, Yuba Lake tri, and Lake Powell Tri. They were all sprint distance. I was signed up to do the olympic distance for Lake Powell, but found out I was expecting, so I downgraded to the sprint for safety reasons. I was 9 weeks pregnant when I did this race, so I am proud I was able to do it. Especially considering I threw up an hour before the race (the joys of pregnancy). Erik has been wonderful during all of this. He has been my pit crew, camped in 40 degree weather, stood for 2 hours in sunshine and rain to support me. I love you honey! You are wonderful. I couldn't completed my goals without you.

In May I was made head of the OT department at my work and had my first student. It made my summer busy but fun. I learned a lot and had so much fun having a student. He is all grown up now as he has passed his boards and become licensed. My first student has left the nest. haha

In May Erik received a very nice promotion. It was a huge blessing to us financially, and well earned. In June he wrapped up the Toy Story 3 project and it hit stores a couple weeks later. The game has surpassed projected sales by a large amount, and is still selling like hot cakes. I am so proud of him, especially because his levels are the funnest in the game. It has received great reviews, so if you are looking for something fun for your kid to play, I would recommend this.

In early Oct. we found out we were expecting a baby next June. We are so happy about it. The pregnancy is going well so far. I got to hear the heartbeat on Wed. It was life changing. I am still having a hard time believing that I am actually going to be a mother. It is going to be the greatest experience I have ever had, so I have been told. anyway, that's the latest. I will post pictures in another post.

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