Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Nursery and Valentines Day!

This valentines weekend has been a great one so far. We decided to get our baby furniture yesterday. I found my dream furniture set at Costco for a great deal. It is so beautiful and the color that I wanted. The quality is amazing so it will last a long time. It seemed like the best bang for our buck. The crib is a 4 in one convertible crib. It has options to turn into a toddler bed, daybed, or into a full size bed later on. We got a beautiful changing table/dresser to go with it.

It was a miracle that we got this set really. It was like it was meant to be. I have had my eye on the crib for a few weeks but didn't get it yet, cause I wanted to do my research. I looked around at a lot of different cribs and finally decided this is the one I wanted. We went back to get it, but they were all gone. They had one changing table/dresser left and it was a floor model so it was discounted. We decided we should at least get that since it was a really good deal. So we went and got Erik's dad, since he had an SUV to help us haul it. When we arrived, it was gone. I was really sad since I had my heart was set on it. We went to target and picked up my second option for the crib. I wasn't impressed with the changing table and dresser that went with it. They were expensive and didn't look very nice, so I just got the crib.

I was at home when Erik called me and told me that his mom had called all the costco's and found another changing table in Sandy. So Erik and his parents dashed down there. While they were there, Erik found the dream crib and all it's boxes loaded up on a cart and ready to go. It was crazy to see it, since they told us that there were none left in the whole valley. He waited around and no one came to claim it. So after 15 minutes he decided he was taking it. He loaded the last changing table onto the cart and they hauled it home. Erik's parents were very generous and donated a nice sum towards the purchase. We are very grateful for their generosity. We took the target crib back since we hadn't opened the box yet. It was like everything was meant to be.

Here are the preliminary pics. We don't have the room quite organized yet, and still need to get the mattress and bedding for the nursery. Erik is not in any of the photos since he is a goober and refused to get any where near the camera.

Here is a picture of the nursery set we are going to get. I have my heart set on a Winnie the Pooh themed nursery.

Since I love Valentines Day, here is a picture of some of my house decor. The mailbox on the top is Erik's. Every day since February first I have put a valentine in the box to let him know why he is special to me. It has been a fun thing to do.

Here is a photo I snuck of Erik while he wasn't looking. He was cleaning and putting back together our new car seat/baby carrier we got from his best friend Alex.


Katie said...

LOVE the baby furniture. It is beautiful. You definately have it more together then when I had Parker. Actually we still don't have a dresser/changing table. Parkers things are in a plastic compartment thing we bought at Home Depot for $20. Have fun in the last few months of your pregnancy.


It's beautiful! Such a fun time- can't wait to meet teh baby!