Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fondant Fun

As most of you know Erik and I love new challenges and projects. Erik has been watching the Cake Boss on the food network and picking up tips on how to make cool cakes. This show has inspired us to start creating. Erik's Mom and Aunts are throwing me a baby shower with all of Erik's relatives. It is coming up at the end of March and we thought it was the perfect occasion to work on our cake skills. Since I am having a Winnie the Pooh theme we decided to make a beehive cake and cupcakes. Here is the picture that inspired me.

We needed to learn how to make fondant to make the beehive, so we thought we better get practicing. We had a few troubles at the start. First the fondant was too sticky and kept breaking apart. After much difficulty, we had to modify the recipe. Then the steam from the dishwasher made the kitchen too hot, so the fondant kept melting. Then the fondant was too sticky. We finally got it to to work. We weren't trying to be fancy. We just wanted to see if we could get the fondant on the cake. Here are the results of our first attempt. It was encouraging. With a steamer it would actually look half decent.

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Cory&SadieK said...

I love the little beehive looking cake! Nice work on the fondant. My favorite is the picture of Erik. What a cutie.