Saturday, April 23, 2011

pre-term almost delivery saga

I haven't blogged in a while and since I am on bed rest I thought I would take the chance to catch up a bit before my time runs out. Wednesday I went into pre-term labor while I was at work and almost ended up having Eli 6 and a half weeks early. It was the scariest day ever.

It all started over the weekend looking back on things. I started feeling all this pressure on my pelvis and assumed it was just the baby dropping since that is supposed to happen about this time. I probably over did at my scrap book retreat since I was alone and carrying all my own bags and stuff. My feet swelled up to double the size at my scrap book retreat also. Monday was a whole day of stress and family drama so that added to things. Monday night I decided to go to water aerobics since I was no longer sick(I had the swine flu and then bronchitis this whole last month). I didn't feel the best during water aerobics and took it super easy. I couldn't sleep that night and felt horrible. I just attributed it to being in my 3rd trimester and shook it off. Tuesday was such a struggle to get through work. I was so tired and didn't feel good. Tuesday night I couldn't sleep at all again and was so miserable I sobbed half the night. About 4am I had such bad back pain I got on my back massager, but after about 10 seconds I knew it wasn't musculoskeletal pain but I still didn't put two and two together. I got about twenty minutes of sleep and went to work wed morning just feeling horrible. I thought if I could just get through the day and take a nap then things would be fine. About an hour into work I could barely stand up straight. My co-workers made me call my doctor and he sent me to the hospital. I was still in denial that I was in labor till I was about 2 minutes from the hospital. Then it became apparent that the pain I was feeling were contractions.

As soon as I was admitted, they checked me and I was dialated to a two. They gave me 3 shots to try and stop the labor. They kept telling me that I may end up having my baby that day. They didn't feel certain they could stop it. They gave me a steroid shot to help my babies lungs develop in case he came. It scared me so bad cause I was only 33.5 weeks along. I still had another 6 and a half weeks to go. I kept telling the nurse that I wasn't ready yet. I hadn't taken my hypno birthing classes and didn't know what to do. I didn't want my baby to be in the NICU. Erik and his dad gave me a blessing which was a great comfort. It took a few hours but they were able to stop the labor. They gave me a fetal fibronectin test and I was positive which means I will most likely deliver in the next two weeks. I am hoping they are wrong. They kept me in the hospital till Thursday night and then sent me home on bed rest.

I was home about 4 hours before I had to go back due to more contractions. They gave me some nifedipine to stop them and kept me for a few hours and then when I was fine they sent me home. They forgot to send me home with a prescription of that when I discharged the first time. So they sent me home with the prescription the second time. The doctor told me he was hoping to buy me a few more days. He was the 4th doctor to tell me something like that. That did not make me feel comforted. I was home most of the day Friday and then the hospital called me and made me come back to be monitored again. I was looking ok so I have been home on bed rest ever since. I am just trying to hang in there and outlive the doctors expectations. I think If I am really good and don't do anything I can last another 3 weeks. The labor pains were so horrible, it is motivation for me to be good and put that misery off as long as possible. I have never experienced anything that terrible before in my life.

So that is the saga of the last few days. To be honest I am so scared right now. I am not ready to be a mom just yet, and I don't want my baby to early. I was prepared to be a mom in another month. Wasn't quite ready for it right now. The reality of being a parent is really starting to set in. My life is completely changing. It will be ok though. God will get me through this. He apparently has a different plan than I did. Little Eli apparently wants me to be his mom a few weeks sooner than I planned. I am sure as soon as I see my little miracle all the fear will turn to joy.

Through all this Eli has been a trooper. He is so spunky. He kept kicking the moniters on my stomach out of place in the hospital so they had to readjust them every 10 minutes. Despite all that was happening to my body in the last few days, nothing seemed to phase him. His heartbeat was strong and he has just been moving around like crazy. He is sure going to be a big ball of energy.

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