Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eli Weeks 14 and 15

Eli Weeks 12 and 13

Here are the pictures for 12 and 13 weeks. the 12 and 13 week layouts are together right now, but I am going to separate them. They obviously don't look right side to side since the 13 week hiking layout is way different from the 12 week layout. But here they are

Stay Tuned...

More posts are coming in the next couple of days. Eli is 21 weeks old now so I have 10 or so more posts to catch everyone up.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eli 11 Weeks

Eli 10 weeks

Eli and I had a playdate with Clarice and Sophia and went swimming at our condo complex. It was so fun and Eli looked so cute in his new swimsuit. Here are the pictures and scrapbook page I made.
Eli at the drive in with dad and Alex. We went to see Captain America with Alex and his family .
Mom and Eli

Eli Week 9

This week Eli and I went on a hike with my friend Candace and her baby Evie who live in one of the Condo's upstairs. We went up part of the Mt. Timpanogos Trail and it was beautiful. Eli loves the baby carrier cause it feels like he is curled up in my womb when he is in it. He fell asleep the minute I put him in it.
Eli's favorite Toys: His bouncer and swing The swing has been a life saver because when we can't comfort him, we put him in the swing and he calms down. We are trying to get him to sleep longer at night and the swing really helps. Dad will put Eli in the swing and let it rock him to sleep. He will then sleep next to it to make sure he can help Eli when he wakes up. He doesn't love his bouncer nearly as much as the swing.
This week Lark and I got together to make Eli a carseat canopy to protect him from the outside world and help him to stay asleep when we are out in public. Lark pretty much did all of it since I haven't sewed in a really long time. She did a fantastic job! It ended up taking us till 3am to finish so we were pretty tired. We ended up getting more complicated than we needed to on the connectors, but it turned out really nice.

Eli week 8

Here are the pictures from Eli's baby blessing and getting ready for it a few days before at Grandma and Grandpa Cambridges. The blessing was a huge success and had a large turnout. All of our friends and family came from far and wide. It was so fun to see everyone.

Eli Week 7 4th of July and Tummy Time

Eli Week 6

Eli hanging out with Dad
Eli's visit to Grandpa and Grandma Cambridge's. We hung out at the house and then went to enjoy a nice Sunday evening at the Lone Peak Pond. It is a very beautiful place where you can fish and they have a parkway that goes along it that you can rollerblade, walk, or bike on. It is a very fun place. Eli slept the whole time we were there though.