Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eli Week 6 Playdates

Eli's first playdate. My friend April is a professional photographer and took pictures of all the babies at the swing dancing mommies play date. All the swing dancing moms get together once a month and have a play date with all the kids. It is super fun to see all the babies together. There were four mom's that got together this month April with her baby Eli, Rachel with baby Gordon, Clarice with baby Sophia, and me with Eli. While the babies were laying on the blanket together Gordon kept trying to hold both of the baby Eli's hands. It was so adorable. Here are the pictures, they turned out super cute.
Before the Playdate I got together with my best friend from Childhood Natalie (Peters) Darger and another childhood friend Cara (Adair) Bradley and their kids. Natalie was moving to Texas the next week so we wanted to have one last get together. Natalie was sweet and brought Eli a scentsy lamb stuffed animal that smells really good. It was as big as Eli. Here are the pictures from the get together. w

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