Monday, May 7, 2012

Eli and everything else.

So It has been a while since I caught everyone up on what is going on with our family.   Right now our life revolves around Eli and my triathlons.  I was supposed to do my qualifying race last weekend, instead I got sick, on my birthday no less.  I wrote about it here.  So much for our trip to Vegas.

As far as Eli goes, he is a lot more fun to write about so here are some pictures and updates.  Eli is growing so fast!  He is going to be a year old on Friday.  I can hardly believe it!  Where does the time go.  The last couple of months he has gotten VERY mobile.  He went from doing the head scoot to crawling, to now creeping around the furniture and standing up on his own without holding on to anything.  Here are some pictures of him from the end of February till now.
 Here he is playing with the blocks at Kangaroo Zoo. He is getting more confident creeping along the walls here.  This was about mid April.
 Eli has discovered that it is fun to throw things in the bath tub.  So lately we have been finding all sorts of things in there.  Everything from high heels, to phone chargers, toys, bathroom trash, and of course all the shampoo bottles.

 Eli sure loves to play with his Daddy.  Here he is climbing all over him and trying to get him to wake up. This is when he first started to be able to crawl over things.
 Eli loves to play with his friends!  Here he is playing with Evie.  He has come down with the grass is greener syndrome and likes to take away toys from other babies now.  Silly kid! It was bound to happen eventually.
 This is back at the end of February when he really started to get mobile.  He spends hours crawling through the T.V. Cart.  This bottom shelf is his favorite thing to play on.  I can't keep him away from it.
 He loves to play with the heater vent.  He will scratch at it for hours.

This is at Kangaroo Zoo mid march when he first started pulling up to stand.

 Eli has a fascination with doorstops.  He will go from room to room making the boing.  Anytime we go somewhere new, he has to find all the door stops.  It is really funny.  I thought about making him a t-shirt  titled Eli's doorstop world tour.

He spent about 2 minutes straight doing this.  I couldn't get him away from it.

 Eli loves Erik's video games.  It is hard to keep him out of them.  It drives Erik Crazy! It doesn't help that Erik is showing them to him and telling him how awesome they are.
 Eli loves the keyboard!  I can't keep him away from it.   I am going to have to buy him his own so he will leave ours alone.
 Here is Eli demonstrating his new skill of pulling up to the furniture.  This was back in March.
Eli has decided to start helping with the dishes by throwing all the silverware on the floor.  We have to blockaide him out of the kitchen anytime we want to do the dishes now, since he is a little too helpful.

Here he is trying to help dad fix the computer during general conference.  He is so cute!  He loves to help Daddy with what ever he is doing. He actually seems to have an aptitude for mechanical things.
Here Eli is covered in grease from my tri bike.  I can't keep him out of it.  Silly kid!  When he isn't playing in my bike, or with my cycling shoes and helmet, he is on the treadmill.  He is going to be an interesting hybrid of Erik and I.  He will be a dancing, people loving, politic loving, computer building, video game developing, triathlete!
Here is Eli when he first started being able to stand up back at the beginning of march.  He went straight for Erik's video games.  I warned Erik for weeks that he should childproof his video game collection.  He didn't listen until I sent this picture to him at work.  The room got childproofed real quick after that!

Eli's first St. Patricks Day and his first time getting croup.  The second one was not a great first for us.  Luckily we got him to the doctor quick so they caught the ear infection before it got bad.  Nothing more fun than a baby with croup AND an ear infection.

Eli is really getting into the GOP presidential debate at the end of February.  He kept yelling at the T.V.  It was really cute. Just like his dad.

Erik's brother Cody got married about a month ago(April 13).  It was the perfect opportunity to get Eli all dressed up. I think babies look adorable dressed up.  Eli looked so cute in his little suit!  He was pretty tired and grumpy during the festivities though. They all took place during his nap time.

Finally, here is our latest outing.  We went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving point the 25th of April.  Eli had a ball playing in the dirt crawling around and going up his first flight of stairs.

Those are the highlights of the last couple of months.  Hope you enjoyed them!

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