Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanksgiving fun!

So I am a slacker and am just barely getting around to blogging all that happened during the holidays. For Thanksgiving, we all traveled to my in-laws new house that they just built To make things less complicated we did a combined Thanksgiving. My whole family came, and April's husband Paul's whole family came too. This way we didn't have to run back and forth and eat multiple dinners. It was really fun. I think the pictures will say it all:)

Cutting up the potatos for the mashed potatoes. Lark kept making me cut more potatoes so we had a lot of mashed potatoes!


Erik's Dad cutting up the Turkey:)

Erik, and the Bells playing with Parker and Emmit

Paul and his brother dog piling Parker:)

Almost everyone but me and Heather. I was taking all the pictures:)

Parker and Emmit showing off the Thanksgiving Turkey they helped make. We all got a 3 feathers and had to write what we were thankful for and put them on the Turkey.

My mom and brother Matt

My sister Heather:)

Paul horsing around with his kids and brother

April (Erik's sister) , April's husband Paul, Parker and Emmit, and Paul's brother.

Matt, Paul's dad, and Paul getting some of my mom's pie while she makes the whip cream

Your pies were delicious mom!

Erik's mom Lark and I in line at the modbe sale during black Friday. We were crazy I know!

Lark going through our pile and deciding what we want to buy. You had to just grab whatever you saw and sort through it later cause the crowds were so crazy! There were a lot of pushy women at this sale.