Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun!

This year I decided to be a pirate for Halloween after I found the most awesome pirate costume. I spent all month putting it together and modifying it to make it not slutty like it was intended to be by it's designers. I think it turned out rather well. Erik decided to be an Animator for Halloween, or in other words he was lame sauce and didn't dress up. Here are the pictures from the Halloween dance at the Downtown Stomp. We had lot's of fun. There was a crazy Jack and Jill and a costume contest. I was a close second in both. Erik danced rather well too. We actually got to dance together in one round of the jack and jill. We had fun stabbing other competitors with my sword, and Erik tried to take my head off a few times, till I made him walk the plank. haha I love Halloween dances. They are the funnest!

If ye don't like my costume, I will make ye walk the plank Arrrrr!!!!

Erik's Computer Animator Costume....

Displaying my costume for the costume contest. I took second place. You can't really beat a pregnant nun and a catholic priest. Especially when the nun is really pregnant.

The expecting couple. Haha

Getting ready to pillage and plunder some villages! Arrrrrr

Emily and John getting their dance on at the beginning of the night.

Two of my favorite dancers Sydney and Aly!