Monday, December 7, 2009

Black Friday

So life gets so busy that I find it hard to take time to blog. So I am finally getting around to blogging about Thanksgiving and black Friday. Since I haven't uploaded my Thanksgiving pictures yet, I will blog about black Friday.

Ever since I met Erik, I have learned what it is like to experience Black Friday on a yearly basis. I had never even been to black Friday before that. All the relatives pick their sales and camp out to get good deals. That's what the Gibby's(Erik's mom's side) thrive on anyway, getting a good deal, and sales. Black Friday was insane madness. Like always, there were millions of people, waiting in line, in freezing temperatures, to get really great deals.

Erik's mom Lark, and I went to the mod bod sale at the old Office Max on University Parkway. When we got there, it looked like the end of the line was all the way back at the Toys R Us. There were people in tents, and it was obvious that they had been there for a day or two. We thought that the line was insane for a mod bod sale. So we asked about the line, and found out that we were in the Toys R Us line. It turns out there were several lines for all the stores in the complex. So we finally got in the right line, and waited. People kept coming and eventually lines started to merge into each other. We were all piled on top of each other. It was insane!

At 11pm they started letting people in to the Mod Bod sale. The line was moving towards the door, and all of a sudden, people started running! It turned into mass chaos. I was almost trampled and smashed into a couple of doors. It was crazy. Once we got inside there was plenty of room though, so we went crazy. We ran and grabbed what ever we could find and then sorted through our piles in a corner later, when we couldn't carry anymore. After 2 hours we had what we wanted. We came away with a pretty good haul.

The next morning I went to the Sexy Modest black Friday sale. There wasn't really a line, but the store was full of women! The first 150 people to walk through the door got to reach into a stocking and draw a coupon or gift certificate. I drew a 10% off coupon. I was hoping to get one of the $50 gift certificates, but I guess 10% off was better than nothing. I ended up buying two pairs of jeans and a couple of sweaters. Here are all the pictures from the craziness.

Getting ready to leave for Black Friday

Lark waiting in line

Me waiting in Line

The view of the lines from behind us.

The view of the lines ahead of us.

My spoils. A couple sweaters, 2 pair of jeans, 5 shirts, two tank tops, and a swimming suit. Some of the stuff is for me, and some of them are Christmas presents.

Erik's brother Cody, and the cousins Jennica, Race, and Graden camping out at Best Buy. They were there for two days and were at the front of the line. They scored all of the good deals. They bought everything on Race's credit card, and then turned around and sold it on e-bay and made a big profit. Such a good idea! Erik's side of the family are such entrepreneurs. I love black Friday! It is one of the funnest parts of Thanksgiving.