Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ganglion Cyst Surgery and No TRI training:(

As most of you who know me know I have a ganglion cyst on the back of my wrist. You all know about it, because I haven't stopped whinning about it for the last month. Any time I go into wrist extension, it hurts like you wouldn't believe. I can't open jars, do pushups or dips, squeeze the breaks on my road bike, etc. Now the pain wakes me up when I am sleeping, so I have to sleep with a resting hand splint on. So, I have decided, after 8 long years, it is just time to be done with it and get it over with. I am going to have the dreaded thing cut out.

I went in for my surgical consult today, and I am scheduled for surgery next Tuesday. While we were scheduling my surgery, I found out that I will not be able to do my tri training for 6 weeks. This is so that the surgical sight doesn't get infected. No sweating or swimming. Baaaaahhh! This is a major bummer, but what can I do. The cyst is getting in the way of my training in a enormous way, so it is better to do it early in the season rather than closer to my triathlons

I already know I won't be the most complient patient as I am already trying to think of ways around the no training thing. The therapist in me also wants to do my own rehab. I have already looked up my post surgical rehab protocols and have already started planning my rehab program. I know I should just go to a therapy clinic like a normal person, but I kinda just want to do it myself or have one of my co-workers do it and save the $$$.

Since, I am a nerd and like this stuff, here is a video of the surgery I am going to have done.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Erik's late hours and My Triathlon Training

As most of you know I have been blogging a lot about my triathlon training lately. This is because I have had a lot more time to myself. Erik has been having to work really late hours for the last two months, and I am usually in bed by the time he even gets home. So, I have plenty of time to myself in the evenings and on the weekends. Last week he had to work Saturday and Sunday too. I decided that since he is gone all the time, I might as well do something productive. So I am training like a maniac right now. I miss my husband, and hope someday his work will let him see his wife. I honestly feel like a widow. It is midnight, and Erik is stil gone. Oh well, nothing I can do about it, so I will stop whining.

So my training for tonight was kinda crazy. I got to the pool and my coach told me to do a 600m to warm up. I thought to myself, I usually just do that for my work out. He is crazy go nuts. So I did my 600m warmup, then I had to do six more 75 meter finger trip drag drills, then a couple 100 m build intervals, and then 3 200's. This is about the point where I finished. I was exhausted. The sad thing is I only made it halfway through the workout my coach had planned.

It turns out we swim about 3300m per workout. which is a little over 2 miles for those of you who don't know swim terms. I made it about a mile. My goal is in the next month to be able to finish the whole workout my coach has planned. So anyway, that is life for us lately.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Triathlon Season and Team Fastlane

It is January and time to get ready for a new triathlon season. I have joined a triathlon team called Team Fastlane. I had originally planned on doing 3 triathlons this year, 2 olympic distance and one half Ironman in Oct., but after I got off the phone with my new coach, he had talked me into doing 6. He originally wanted me to do 2 a month from May to October, but I thought that was intense. So, I talked him into letting me do one a month. I still think that is crazy, but not as nuts as two a month. We will see how it goes. I have been training all winter though, so I don't think it is an unrealistic goal. It will just push me a lot.

So this is what my season is shaping up to look like so far. My first triathlon will be the SGTRI (olympic distance), followed by Scofield in July (olympic distance), Battle at Midway in August(olympic distance), SOMA in Oct. (half ironman). I am still figuring out what races I will be doing in June and Sept.

I would like to document my experiences and thoughts about this whole adventure as the season goes on, so I am going to start a seperate blog for anyone who wants to follow my training. I will be blogging about products I recommend, advice I have for new triathletes, and things I learn a long the way. The address is

My New bike trainer Erik bought me for Christmas. I don't know how he hid this from me, but I was totally suprised when I opened it. It is awesome! I love it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years and Dancing!

As many of you know, Erik and I love to dance. This is after all how we met. We haven't been doing much dancing the last year though for some reason. We did what we swore we would never do, become like the other swing dancers who got married, and then disappeared. This New Years Eve we decided we wanted to go dancing again, so we went to the Urban Dance Studios swing dance weekend hosted by our friends. The night included Lindy, West Coast, and blues so it made it more diverse. I was asked to DJ both nights along with some other swing dj's, so I thought why not! I love to dance, and I love to DJ. We had soooooo much fun. All the dancers throughout Utah showed up, so it ended up being quite the party. It renewed our love for dancing, so we are going to be going a lot more now. I have been asked to DJ at the down town stomp next weekend, and will be djing at the MAC in a few weeks. I am also djing tomorrow night at the Westie night in Pleasent Grove. So my career as a swing DJ is really starting to get going also. Erik and I will also be helping run the Downtown Stomp lindy venue with some other dancers. So just like that, we are deeply imersed in the dance scene again! Here is a video and some pictures from the last two nights.

Erik and I doing some West Coast swing

The crowd dancing to my djing

Dancing with Bryson
Erik dancing with Amy
Erik dancing again:)