Monday, January 4, 2010

New Triathlon Season and Team Fastlane

It is January and time to get ready for a new triathlon season. I have joined a triathlon team called Team Fastlane. I had originally planned on doing 3 triathlons this year, 2 olympic distance and one half Ironman in Oct., but after I got off the phone with my new coach, he had talked me into doing 6. He originally wanted me to do 2 a month from May to October, but I thought that was intense. So, I talked him into letting me do one a month. I still think that is crazy, but not as nuts as two a month. We will see how it goes. I have been training all winter though, so I don't think it is an unrealistic goal. It will just push me a lot.

So this is what my season is shaping up to look like so far. My first triathlon will be the SGTRI (olympic distance), followed by Scofield in July (olympic distance), Battle at Midway in August(olympic distance), SOMA in Oct. (half ironman). I am still figuring out what races I will be doing in June and Sept.

I would like to document my experiences and thoughts about this whole adventure as the season goes on, so I am going to start a seperate blog for anyone who wants to follow my training. I will be blogging about products I recommend, advice I have for new triathletes, and things I learn a long the way. The address is

My New bike trainer Erik bought me for Christmas. I don't know how he hid this from me, but I was totally suprised when I opened it. It is awesome! I love it!

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