Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2 year Catch Up!

So I realize it has been forever since I have written on the blog.  Like 2 years! I thought it would be good to start writing again since it is my form of journaling.  This is what has happened since I last wrote.

CK elite racing team 2012:  I completed 7 triathlons, 2 half marathons, a ragnar, and 2 metric centuries.  I took second place in my age group and qualified for USAT age group nationals at the Jordanelle triathlon in Aug of 2012.  I got on the podium 3 different times taking first place at the draper triathlon, second at Jordanelle, and 3rd place at the Shark Attack Tri.

Becoming Homeowners: In October of 2012 we bought a townhouse.  It is 2400 square feet and has such a great floor plan. We were able to pick out the best lot and Erik was able to do some extra wiring.  He put in a house surround sound system so I can play music for parties and stuff.  We have surround sound in our living room and the living room and basement are wired for a projector and surround sound.  We are on a corner lot right across from the golf course and have amazing views from our windows and front porch.  We also have no one behind us.  

Gave Birth to twin Girls:  May 17 2013 we welcomed Alexis Leigh Cambridge and Kaylee Ann Cambride into our family.   We had a crazy ride with the pregnancy.  I went into labor at 25 weeks and ended up on bed rest for 10 weeks until I delivered.  Erik worked from home while finishing Disney Infinity and taking care of Eli while I was down for the count.  

Disney Infinity:  Erik finished Disney Infinity in August of 2013.  It is a video game where all the Disney characters can interact.  You can build your own worlds and do lots of fun stuff. He worked mostly on the Toy Box mode and made a bunch of mini games and a lot of other stuff.  It was very successful and became profitable in December of 2013.   It is still selling really well and is a hot ticket item.  We are so proud of Erik! This is a picture of some of the infinity merchandise his company gave him for working on the project.

Ultimate Peak Racing Club:  I lost all of my baby weight and started cross fitting and joined my triathlon coaches racing club.  I am training for a half Ironman this year as well as a few olympic distance triathlons, half marathons, trail half marathon, and century.  It is going to be a great year! These are the pictures of some of my training.  As you can see I do a lot of trail running and crossfiting as part of my conditioning.

Well this is all I have time for since the babies are crying and need me to help them.  I will update you all more in another post.