Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Eli's 3D ultrasound pictures

So I thought I would take a few minutes to post some pictures and blog my thoughts about my pregnancy. As we speak, Eli is as active as can be moving around and kicking. I love to feel him move and am really enjoying getting to know his little personality. I think he is either going to be a little ninja since he kicks so much, or a triathlete like his mama. I would like to think he is in my tummy working on his flip turns for a faster swim. Whatever he ends up being, he is going to be very active. I can already tell. He does not slow down. It took them 45 minutes to get a shot of his face during the ultrasound, cause he would not stop moving.

I am super excited to meet him and can't wait. The ultra sound pictures have given me glimpse of his cute little face and now the anticipation is killing me. I was at Babies R Us today registering for my baby shower and looked at pictures of the newborns on the diaper packages, and just wanted him to be here already so I could hold him. I am so excited to look into his sweet little face and hold him close to me. He is going to be such a great blessing to our family.

Erik is going to be such a great dad. He keeps talking about all the things he is going to do when Eli gets here. He is really excited for the day Eli is old enough to play video games with him. haha I don't like to play video games, so he will finally have someone to participate with him. I watch Erik with his nephews and he is so cute with them. He knows just what game will be perfect for their developmental level. Turns out he has a bunch of fun educational games in his collection that teach kids important basic skills such as colors and what mixing colors will do. Parker played the paint the world game for 2 hours and loved it! Erik is also really cute with the kids in nursery. The kids and parents all love him. He has so much fun playing with them, and I can't wait for him to play with Eli. Eli is going to be very lucky to have him as a dad. Anyway...enough of my rambling, here are the pictures!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lark's Birthday Party

It was Erik's mom's birthday a couple of weeks ago and my family and I had a celebration with Erik's family to commemorate this festive occasion. Friday night Erik and I took Lark out to dinner at the Olive Garden. Saturday we all went to a movie and then had some cake and ice cream back at Erik's parents. Here are the pictures from the weekends events.