Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather!

Heather is my sweet sweet sister who is turning 30 today. I made a few digital scrapbook pages of our witches night out for a birthday present. I hope you enjoy them Heather. You are the greatest sister a girl could ask for. I love you! On your 30th birthday I wanted to write 30 things I love about you. Here they are in no particular order.
 1. You have a heart of gold.
2. You are so easy to forgive when others have offended you.
 3. So creative
4. Easy going
5. Always thinking of others
6. The sweet notes you post on my facebook page
7. You have a great sense of humor
8. You are compassionate and kind.
9. You make great birthday cards. I always love getting them.
 10. You often give me random thoughtful gifts.
 11. You are a great Nintendo player. Especially bugs bunny's birthday blowout.
 12. You are great with the computer. I know I can always find you online.
 13. You are fun to go to concerts with.
14. You are a great aunt to Eli. He loves his aunt Heather!
15. You can think of music lyrics for every occasion. You are a music-a-holic.
 16. I can always count on you for the latest entertainment update.
17. You once gave me $5 for my birthday. It was the only money you had and you had been saving it for a long time to buy something nice for yourself with. It meant a lot to me.
 18. You have a great CD collection
19. You are fun to hang out with.
 20. You help me with Eli when I need it.
 21. You are always a friend to those who need one.
 22. You are outgoing and happy.
 23. You always say nice things about others.
 24. You cheer me up when I feel sad.
 25. You know how to keep a conversation going.
 26. You are always interested in how I am doing.
 27. You love animals and enjoy volunteering at the animal shelter.
28. You are very crafty and make great jewelry. I still have the bracelets you made me.
 29. You are beautiful and look so cute when you get dressed up.
 30. You are the greatest sister on the face of the planet! I am super lucky to have you in my life. I love you!

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