Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Going to Disneyland

For a wedding present my dad and his wife Heidi gave us a trip to Southern California, and we finally have time to take it. I have been booking the hotel, rental car, and making arrangements the last day or two and I am so glad to finally have that out of the way. It was way too time consuming trying to find the best deals, but I found them!

I am excited about the trip because it means I get a break from school and my clinicals. Erik is excited about our trip because that means he gets to experience the "Disney Magic." Since he works for Disney he can get himself and 3 others into any Disney theme park for free, along with a 30% discount on all Disney merchandise. So needless to say, he is stoked to try out his new silver pass. If if were up to him, we would spend every day of our Trip at Disney Land. I don't have the heart to tell him that after going to Disneyland practically every year growing up I have lost the "Disney Magic". As he would say when he thinks I am being a stick in the mud, "Kristen, you have no soul!" Even so, I am still excited to go on our trip and lay by the ocean, rollerblade along the parkway at the beach, go swing dancing with friends in L.A., and even spend two days in Disneyland. Yeah for free vacations!

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