Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ganglion Cyst Surgery

I had my wrist surgery a couple of weeks ago and it went rather well. At first I wanted to be awake for it, cause I am a nerd like that and find this stuff interesting. Then I realized that I am not that brave, and decided to be put under. I tried to talk the doctor into recording it, but they don't do that. So he agreed to take pictures with his camera phone and send them to my husband. So, poor Erik got a status update on my surgery, every time they took a picture. He isn't fond of the anatomy stuff like I am, so I don't think it was the most pleasant experience for him. I am grateful he loved me enough to be a good sport though. Here are the pictures from my surgery. All of my therapy colleagues thought the pictures were cool, so If this kind of thing grosses you out you may not want to read on.

As far as progress since the surgery, I have gotten a lot of range of motion back in my wrist. I currently have about 60 degrees of wrist extension and about 30 more degrees to go. My wrist flexion still sucks, but in the last 5 days since I got my bandages off, I have gotten back 45 degrees. I still have 45 more degrees to go, so it is still a work in progress. I am glad that I work in a therapy clinic though, cause I can borrow another therapist to range me or do my scar massage. I can also use the modalities such as heat and ultra sound. I have also used a heavy 8 lb weight and rested it on my hand to force my wrist into extension. It is working so far. We will see how much more range I can get in the next week or too. Here are the pics from the surgery.

This is the cyst after it was removed. It explains why my wrist hurt so much.

Here they are removing the cyst.

Here you can see my extensor tendon

Prepping my hand for surgery

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Tammy said...

Very cool! I enjoy all things medical. Got Loren to take some pics of my c-sections, and I loved looking at them later :).