Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Break Ginger Bread House Fun.

Since I am sick and have some time to blog, I thought I would catch up. For Christmas we went to Colorado to visit Erik's sister and her family. We went with Erik's parents and his brother Cody. On Christmas day we decided to make ginger bread houses and it was a lot of fun. Erik and Cody of course decided to do something super complicated, so they made a ginger bread tree house. Erik never does anything simple. I was skeptical it was going to turn out good, but it ended up being the awesomest ginger bread house I have ever seen.

Erik's mom had this awesome way to make ginger bread glue melting granulated sugar. It holds like a rock so it made the ginger bread tree house feasable. She also had this awesome frosting that was way better. so I think our ginger bread houses turned out really well. I decided to go with a more simple house not quite as awesome, but still turned out pretty alright. Here are the pictures from that night.

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