Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rock Climbing with Sadie and Corey

I am kind of lazy and just getting around to blogging all the pictures in my camera. So here is an activity clear back from August. Erik and I went rock climbing with our friends Sadie and Corey at a popular rock climbing site in Draper. We got there early in the morning to avoid the crowd, since most rock climbers are lazy and don't like to get up early.

The spot we went to was rather shady and nice to start our morning with. All the climbs were named by a dentist so it was entertaining to read the names of each of the climbs. They had funny names like bloody impact, root canal, and names of other dental procedures. It was kind of entertaining. The climbs were mostly 5.7's and 5.8's. There was one 5.10 and one 5.11. I was only brave enough to do climbs up to a 5.8 since it was my first time outdoor climbing. Sadie only did up to a 5.8 since she was 4 months pregnant and didn't want to risk injuring her baby. Erik and Corey were very adventurous though and climbed a 5.11. They almost died a couple of times. Corey almost dropped onto a rather pointy rock. Erik caught him just in time lucky for him. That would have been rather painful! Erik almost had a near death experience of his own. haha, silly men!

It was a rather fun adventure. Sadie and Corey are great rock climbers, and it was nice to have them along to show us the ropes. Erik did a lot of climbing at the quarry back in the day, but had never done any lead climbing, so it was nice to have Corey along. We will be going with them more often hopefully.

Here are the pictures from our adventures. We only have pictures of Sadie and Corey since our camera ran out of batteries before we could get any more pictures.

Sadie making her way up bloody impact

More Sadie

Corey belaying us so we didn't plummet to our death. Corey was the most adventurous one as he did all the lead climbing during our trip.

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