Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Warren Miller 's Children of Winter

Last Thursday Erik and I went to see the new Warren Miller Ski Movie. Ok so I have to say that it was incredible! I really want to buy it, when it comes out! We had a great time! We went with our friends Rod, Holly, and Rod's family. We went out to dinner at a Restaurant called The Naked Fish beforehand. It used to be called Mikado's. They had the best Terriaky stake I have ever had. After dinner, we went over to Abravenal Hall with all the other Ski and Snowboarding fanatics to watch the premier of the film. It was incredible. I really enjoyed the Utah segment. You don't get powder like that anywhere else. The rest of the movie was fantastic as well. It was hard to pick a favorite segment. Some of those skiers and boarders are crazy. All the flips and crazy jumps they did, I can see how people die making this movie. After the film, I was so excited about snowboarding season, I went out and bought a new coat. Anyway, here are the pictures from the night!

Erik after the movie with his program/awesome ski magazine.

Erik and I waiting in anticipation for the movie to start.

Rod and Holly

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